Week 9 - Rapid Prototyping

Posted by Paul Fawkesley on Wednesday 2 June 2021

We’re exploring the question: How might tech support communities to carry out collective decision-making and collective design?

This week we’ve been throwing together some screens to illustrate different parts of the journey. We are very much in the middle of this, so I’ll post a post a couple of screenshots to give you a taster. In the coming weeks we’ll add proper commentary so you can see the insights from user research scattered throughout the prototype.

We’re doing all this work as clickable prototypes so you’ll be able to click around and have a play yourself.

Chapter 1: Drafting & collaborating on an idea

In the first chapter we demonstrate a simple and collaborative application process.

Aamna hears about the micro-grant and looks at some past ideas that have been funded. She feels reassured that it doesn’t look too hard so has a go drafting some words. She shares it with a friend who has experience applying for money, and the friend suggests a few additions.


Chapter 2: Evolving an idea

In this chapter we’re showing the week-long period where members can ask questions about ideas and people can improve their applications.

We use the pattern, “upvote a question or ask a new one” that we’ve heard about several times. We show how Tina, a member, can make personal highlights on the application to jog her memory later.


That it for this week. We’re taking a week off next week, so next weeknotes will be around 16th June.

Thanks for reading!

Paul & Ian