Week 12 - Writing up the prototype

Posted by Ian Drysdale on Friday 2 July 2021

We’re exploring the question: How might tech support communities to carry out collective decision-making and collective design?

We’ve built a prototype of ‘Saxford Giving’, a website that helps members of the community collectively decide what to fund in their community. It’s an open source autonomous micro-grant organisation.

It’s our last full week on the project!

For our last round of user-research, we showed the prototype to Ranya Lamani. Ranya’s the Participation Champion at Camden Giving. It was a great session, thanks again Ranya! 🙌

Then we got to work writing up the project. For the prototype to make sense beyond the duration of these 12 weeks, it needs some work explaining what it is and how it works.

We also wanted to explore how a software-powered organisation like Saxford Giving could generate a lot of insightful data. Scaling up to thousands of similar organisations could provide a network effect with even more benefits.

We’ve captured these ideas (and more) in the final write up.

We’re offering this up for comment now to anyone who fancies reading it! We’ll come back to it in 3 weeks and turn it into a webpage, here on collectivetech.io

Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

Ian & Paul