Saxford Giving

We’re a group of people who live in Saxford who decide how to give away £500 every month to imaginative ideas that make a real difference

Ideas we've funded

So far, we've given £14,500 to 29 ideas in almost 3 years.

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We're 137 regular people from Saxford

As locals, we're in the best position to decide what Saxford needs. Every month we decide which ideas should get £500.

Automated admin

Because we don't rely on staff to administer the fund, more people can participate and all the money is spent directly on funding ideas.

FacilitatorBot organises the members and facilitates decision making and voting. It does all the boring bits to make everything run smoothly.

It's transparent

Anyone can see what questions, answers and how many votes each idea received.

Apply for £500

You can apply at any time and our members will look at it in the following month.

How it works

First week of each month Questions

In the first week of each month, all members are invited to read any ideas received this month.

Members can ask a question or upvote someone else's question. The most popular questions are forwarded to the owner so they can write an answer.

FacilitatorBot handles all the communication, keeping track of which ideas members have read and reminding them to ask questions.

Second week of each month Voting

Once questions are closed, members are given a number of votes. They add votes to the projects they want to exist. While voting is open, no-one can see how many votes each idea has.

At the end of the week, the project with the most votes is the winner.

FacilitatorBot reminds members to vote. If at least 20% of members voted, it authorises sending £500 to the winning idea.


The membership is always changing, with people joining and leaving every month.

FacilitatorBot invites the people with the top 3 voted ideas to become members. It removes any members who haven't voted for 3 months in a row.